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Research interests
Social theory
(pragmatism, agency, technologies of society)
Technology studies
(social shaping of technologies, technographies of man-machine-program-constellations)
Innovation studies
(regimes, networks, tempi, and biographies of innovation)
(distributed agency, hybrid systems, socio-technical design, ubiquitious computing)
Science studies
(knowledge regimes, styles of knowing)
Project grants
since 2012 
DFG-Graduate School "Innovation Society Today: The Reflexive Creation of Novelty (DFG GRK 1672/0)
2010 - 2011
Modelling of User Behavior and Usability-Engineering: Rules for Dialogues at interfaces (DFG, together with S. Möller, Telecom-Lab)
"Technology in Action"(DFG).
"Personal Information Assistants for Scientific Communities"(e-science, BMFT).
"Social Aspects of Cooperating Objects Technologies", International Workshop (Roadmap-Project, EU).
2004 - 2007
"The Anthropological Difference of Consciousness: Comparing Humans and Animals" (DFG), under the direction of PD. Dr. Gesa Lindemann.
"Innovation and Diversity - Epistemic and Institutional Changes in the Knowledge Society", (International Conference, Volkswagen Foundation).
2002 - 2004
"On the Threshold of Urban Panopticon? Social Impacts of Video-Surveillance in Five Countries" (EU).
2001 - 2004
"Routines and Risks in Socio-Technical Systems" (Research cluster on "Cooperation and Safety in High-Tech Systems: The Case of Surgery",TU Berlin).
1999 - 2005
"Integration of Cooperative Agents in Complex Organizations"(Socionics, DFG).
1989 - 1992
"The Construction and the Implementation of Expert Systems - Effects on Knowledge, Communication, and Organization" (TA, BMFT).
1989 - 1990
"The Rise of High Technologies and the Paradigm of Communication" (BMFT).
1987 - 1989
"Computer Use in Everyday Life - Its Social and Cultural Consequences" (NRW-Program "Man and Technology - Sozialverträgliche Technikentwicklung").
1985 - 1986
"Organizational Strategies of Product Innovation" (University of Bielefeld).
As rechearch Assistant
1975 - 1978
"Problems of Un-Qualified Work" (SOFI Göttingen, Humanization of Work, BMFT).
1973 - 1974
"Technology and the Institutionalization of Scientific Work in High Energy Physics" (University of Bielefeld, Science Studies, Pilot-Study at CERN, Chicago, New York and Washington, Volkswagen Foundation).
"Technology in History and Society" (Volkswagen Foundation).


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