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Last positions
2011 - 2014
Speaker of the DFG-Graduate School "Innovation Society Today: The reflexive creation of novelty"
2001 - 2013
Head of the Institut of Sociology
2003 - 2012
Dean for Teaching (Sociologiy)
since 1999 -
Full professor (C4) of sociology and social studies of technology at the Technische Universität Berlin
CV (scientific)
2001 - 2010
Speaker of the Interdisciplinary Center "Technology and Society" and Director of the Research Unit "Technology and Innovativeness" at the TU Berlin.
Resident fellow of the reserach group "Science in the Context of Application" at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at Bielefeld University.
2006 - 2010
Member of the excellence cluster initiative "Human-Centric Communication", TU Berlin with computer science and electrical engineering.
One-year personal grant for research (DFG) "Technology-in-Action: Distributed Agency in Hybrid Constellations" with visits at SUNY,Dewey Center, Stanford, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Berkeley.
Invited guest professor at Stanford University, Department of History (of Technology and Science) and SCANCOR.
1999 - 2005
Co-founder of the DFG-Research Programm "Socionics - Inquiring and Modelling of Artificial Societies".
1991 - 1999
Full Professor (C 3) of Sociology at the Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin).
Head of the Institute of Sociology and Dean of the Faculty
1993 - 2002
Member of the postgraduate-college "Comparing Societies: From a Historical, Ethnological, and Sociological Perspective" (DFG).
Appointment to the position of a full professor for "Science Studies" at the University of Nürnberg/Erlangen: not accepted.
Habilitation at the University of Bielefeld: "A Sociological Perspective on Technology" (Gert Schmidt, Peter Weingart, Burkart Lutz, Niklas Luhmann) venia legendi: Sociology.
1984 - 1990
Managing editor of the "Zeitschrift für Soziologie".
Dissertation: "Social Dynamics of Technological Development" (Gert Schmidt, Claus Offe).
Lecturer at the faculty of sociology at Bielefeld University (organization and technology studies), co-founder and managing director of the research center "Future of Work".
1975 - 1978
Research assistant at the Sociological Research Insitute (SOFI) in Göttingen (industrial sociology, sociology of work).
1974 - 1975
Research fellow at the management school of Northwestern University, Ill., Chicago and at Bielefeld University.
Diploma in sociology, Bielefeld University (Peter Weingart, Niklas Luhmann).
International cooperation
Stanford University, SCANCOR (Walter W. Powell).
University of California, Berkeley, Anthropology (Paul Rabinow).
Southern Illinois University, Dewey Center (Larry Hickman).
State University New York (SUNY, Don Ihde, Wolf Schäfer).
San Francisco University, Sociology of Medicine (Adele Clarke).
University of Santa Cruz (Geoff Bowker, Susan L. Star).
University of Edinburgh (Robin Williams, Alexandru Preda).
University of Twente (Arie Rip, Stefan Kuhlmann).
Austrian Academy of the Sciences, (Technology Assessment, Michael Nentwich).
TA-Swiss und ETH Zürich (Alfred Kündig).

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