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FUFAF: Functions and Effects of Unemployment in the Careers of Scientists


Project members:
Susanne Wollin-Giering, M.A.

TU-initial funding (01.05.2017-10.01.2019)

Episodes of unemployment in the careers of researchers are almost unexplored. Nevertheless, single case studies repeatedly indicate that unemployment occurs quite frequently and across all disciplines. It is to be expected that phases of unemployment will have a career-damaging effect. On the other hand, many researchers seem to be overcoming such unemployment episodes without any "scars" in their academic careers. Under which individual, but especially under which working conditions they succeed in doing so is a central objective of the project. The aim is to develop a research proposal within the framework of the TU's initial funding which examines the question of how unemployment is dealt with, to what extent it can be used for the further development of the career and what consequences can be expected for the academic career. To this end, the connection to the discipline and its epistemic research properties is to be established in a comparative manner.


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