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Research Project

Lupe [1]

Ethics of Intelligence [2]

is part of the research cluster “Science of Intelligence” [3]  (SCIoI).
SCIoI investigates the principles of intelligence, shared by all forms of intelligence, no matter whether artificial or biological, whether robot, computer program, human, or animal. Furthermore, it addresses the question how can we apply these principles to create intelligent technology.

Lupe [4]

LoMUS [5]
Locative Media: Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban Spaces (DFG-Project, period of funding: 01.01.2018-31.12.2021)


ABB Ltd.
Lupe [6]

SoCoRob [7]

The social construction of human-robot co-work by means of prototype
work settings (DFG-Project in the priority program Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelten, period of funding: 01.10.2020 - 30.09.2023)

Lupe [8]

SynthMeth [9]

Methodology of the synthetic approach (Project in the cluster of excellence SCIoI, period of funding: 2019-2025)

Lupe [10]

CroGa [11]
Reward-based crowd-
funding as gift exchange. On the
interconnection of consumption,
commitment and community in crowd-
funding (DFG-Project, period of funding: 01.05.2018-30.04.2021)


Lupe [12]

FUFAF [13]
Functions and Effects of Unemployment in the Careers of Scientists (TU-initial funding, period of funding:

Lupe [14]

InCa [15]
Independence of Early Stage Scientists (VW-Project, period of funding: 01.01.2017-31.12.2019)

Lupe [16]

SKOTT [17]
Scenarios as Patterns of
Orientation in Technology Development
and Technology Assessment (DFG-Project,
period of funding: 01.10.2011–

Lupe [18]

TransSoft [19]
Collaborative Technologies and Practices in Projects of Transnational Software-Development (DFG-Project, period of funding: 01.02.2013–29.02.2016)



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