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PhD dissertation
Burema, D. (2021). Engineering elder care: An analysis of conceptual premises and biases of social robots in elder care (Doctoral dissertation, Universität Bremen). doi.org/10.26092/elib/1199
Journal papers
Burema, D. (2021). A critical analysis of the representations of older adults in the field of human–robot interaction. AI & SOCIETY, 1-11. doi.org/10.1007/s00146-021-01205-0
Burema, D. (2018). Cougars or kittens? The representation of celebrity cougars and their toyboys in gossip media. Feminist Media Studies18(1), 7-20. doi.org/10.1080/14680777.2018.1409968
Policy research report
Croes, M. T., Schaaf, J., van Tulder, F. P., Burema, D. J., Moolenaar, D. E. G., van Os, R. M., & Beerthuizen, M. G. C. J. (2017). Evaluatie Wet griffierechten burgerlijke zaken. Research and documentation centre WODC, Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands. Retrieved from repository.wodc.nl/handle/20.500.12832/187





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